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Our two members Maxi and Marie, call themselves sisters, because they just belong together and they are planning a mission to contribute to our planet. Clumsy, funny, adventurous and spontaneous  – these two girls know how to entertain themselves (and others) and they wanted to address the topic PLASTIC in a funny, but educating way.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Drews

The #facts

  • In Europe there are around 26 million tons of plastic waste produced per year, only 30% of it get recycled and 70% end up on dumps, incinerators or in our environment (especially in the ocean)

  • Most frequently found marine litter: straws, bottle covers, cigarette stuffs, food packaging, plastic bottles

  • It‘s estimated that there are around 142 million tons of plastic swimming in the ocean

  • Marine litter in the ocean is harmful for people as well, as the plastic particles, consumed by us, were already found in our lungs and blooms.

  • In total each German person produces 611kg of trash per year

  • In the EU 7 of 100 plastic bags are recycled

  • In wide parts of our ocean, there is 6 times more plastic than plankton

The topic of plastic occurred to their mind on two different occasions


Marie was watching the Movie A Plastic Ocean and it has been shocking to see what was going on out there – after the movie she decided to make a plastic-free-week to learn finding new ways of avoiding plastic and being more aware of the topic.


Maxi is just traveling through South-East-Asia and spent some weeks on Lombok. The horrifying thing: After a beach cleanup, Maxi collected hundreds of plastic straws within minutes.

Beach Cleanup during the last Salt in My Hair Longboard & Yoga Retreat (January 2018)

This ended up in a mission:

Maxi and Marie are determined to not use any means of plastic (except the car) during a three-weeks-surf-roadtrip from Portugal via Spain to France. 

Roadtrip: 1-22nd of June

They will share their daily experiences, adventures and thoughts on their social media channels and their online mag:

@saltinmyhair_mag (Instagram) & Saltinmyhair (Facebook)
@mariepfisterer (Instagram)
@maex.c (Instagram)


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