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Win 2 tickets for the Cine Mar – Movie Night

Your wanderlust is bigger than the stomach of Rick Ross? You’re stuck in Germany or in a waveless spot? Broke your leg or snapped your board?
No worries my friend, we will help you to get out of this situation. Just join the ultimative surf movie event called Cine Mar – Movie Night – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

What is this special night all about?

CineMar_ Summer_ Open Air ©CineMar_3_preview

6 movies – 6 different stories – 6 new adventure – 6 opportunities to escape everyday life for one night


1. Fishpeople

To some people, the ocean is a fearsome and dangerous place. But to others, it’s a limitless world of fun, freedom and opportunity where life can be lived to the fullest. A new documentary directed by Keith Malloy, “Fishpeople”, tells different stories of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spear fishers, to a former coal miner and a group of at-risk kids in San Francisco, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean


“Home” is a short film depicting the life story of a man called Bob. Throughout the years, Bob passed through several life changing experiences. That is why he decided to give up on the luxury of living at one place, and started to use his van as his central home base. This would give him the opportunity to live close by the sea and go after his only consistency throughout his life, namely surfing

3. Bruna

The short movie “Bruna” is on the other hand an inspiring story of humble beginnings for professional surfer Bruna Schmitz. At the age of 9, Bruna discovered a passion for the ocean and surfing which lead to a future of travel and opportunities beyond the village borders

4. Proximity

Taylor Steele is presenting “Proximity”, a visceral portrait of modern surfing. The film follows eight of the world’s best surfers – four legends and four rising stars – as they search for new waves and deeper understanding in exotic destinations. From 11-time world champion Kelly Slater and current champ John John Florence, to big wave icon Shane Dorian and breakthrough performer Albee Layer, these are the definitive talents from every aspect of the sport

5. Into bliss

“Into Bliss” is a short inception into the mind of Jordan Rodin and an ode to the notion of free friction surfing. It is an insight to the joys of free friction surfing and the sensations embraced by Jordan Rodin for his love of the ocean

and Nr.6. Into the North

IntoTheNorth Dive (c) by Pierre David & Sarah Arnould Panthalassa Society_preview

In the movie “Into the North” Panthalassa joined the organization Oceana and its team of marine biologists on its first North Sea expedition. They soon learned that the North Sea isn’t any longer the paradise for whales, plankton and seabirds as it used to be



10/03/2017 Copenhagen, Empire Bio. //. 10/09/2017 Alkmaar, Vue.

10/10/2017 Amsterdam, Melkweg. //. 10/11/2017 Rotterdam, Kino Rotterdam

10/12/2017 Scheveningen, Pathé . //. 10/13/2017 Amsterdam, Melkweg

10/15/2017 Vienna, Burg Kino. //.10/16/2017 Salzburg, Mozartkino

10/17/2017 Linz, Moviemento. //. 10/18/2017 St. Poelten, Cinema Paradiso

10/20/2017 Berlin, Babylon. //. 10/21/2017 Leipzig, Passage Kinos

10/22/2017 Dresden, Programmkino Ost. //. 10/22/2017 Graz, Schubertkino

10/24/2017 Innsbruck, Leo Kino. //. 10/25/2017 Munich, Rio Filmpalast

10/29/2017 Bremen, Schauburg. //. 10/30/2017 Oldenburg, Casablanca

11/07/2017 Hamburg, Savoy Filmtheater. //. 11/08/2017 Rostock, Li.Wu.

11/09/2017 Kiel, Studio Filmtheater. //. 11/15/2017 Frankfurt, Harmonie Arthouse Kino.

11/17/2017 Stuttgart, Arthaus Filmtheater. //. 11/19/2017 Hannover, Apollo

11/20/2017 Münster, Cineplexx. //. 11/21/2017 Bonn, Kino Woki

11/22/2017 Bochum, Union Filmtheater. //. 11/23/2017 Dortmund, Schauburg

11/27/2017 Cologne, Cinenova. //. 11/28/2017 Lucerne, Kitag Maxxx

11/29/2017 Basel, Kult Kino. //. 12/01/2017 Zurich, Kitag Corso

12/05/2017 Freiburg, Harmonie Kino // more stops tba



How to win 2 tickets for this sick event? (the raffle runs ’till the 22nd October)
Click here  <– and leave a comment with your cinema buddy + the city of your choice

Good luck ya bloody legends


Information overload?

check out their Facebook, Instagram or Homepage yeeeeepa


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