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Introducing WAVEBUTLER or: How to travel and surf the world with local knowledge

Everyone has experienced that feeling of desperate desire to travel, to surf and to spend a great time near the ocean but still feeling a bit insecure about which accommodation to choose, whether to rent a car or not or which surf school to book or where to get all the equipment from. Planning a surf trip can be quite a mission, even more if you have never been to the place before.


When I first heard about “Wavebutler” and the idea to help people with planning their surftrips I found it brilliant. How often have I asked myself which surfcamp to book, how to find a cheap rental car that actually drives and where to eat an amazing dinner, without unpleasant digestive surprises the next day. Considering that we sometimes only have 1-2 weeks of holidays, it comes very handy when you have someone, who can tell you about the different surf spots, local food places and just everything to make your holiday as much enjoyable as possible.

I was really happy when I got the opportunity to work with Gerrit and his team recently, and to share my experiences with people, who are as passionate about surfing as me.


How it all started. Wavebutler was founded by friends that grew up together. The three founders started surfing in 2010 and, of course, they have been hooked ever since. From that point, all their vacation trips were all about surfing and finding the perfect waves.

In 2014, Gerrit convinced his lecturer at university to write his bachelor thesis in a surf camp. Thanks to a few contacts in the surfing industry, he quickly found the required internship at an international surf camp. He worked there for several months and was mainly in charge for marketing. He successfully handed in his bachelor thesis and was asked if he wants to continue working at the camp, which he did. He has seen the business side of the industry for more than two years but felt a bit disappointed by the service that the vast majority of surf agencies provided to surfers as well as to surf camps. Gerrit reckoned that he could make a difference and offer customers a great service and experience. That was the starting point of Wavebutler,  which he started in winter 2015.


How it works. When you have a request from anywhere in the world, then you will be forwarded to a “wavebutler”, who has local knowledge of the certain area and has lived there for a while. A wavebutler is a surfer who intimately knows the region you want to travel to and helps you to plan your trip, find the accommodation that fits your needs and give you useful tips about anything else you want to know. Wavebutlers are free to choose any accommodations for the surfer who is looking for help instead of being tied to what’s on the website only. Most importantly, they share their local knowledge with you in order to organize the perfect surf trip. Whether you just need a recommendation for a restaurant, or you want your whole trip planned, your wavebutler will be your personal contact.

Best of all: No extra costs – you pay the same amount as if you would book without our support. It’s the same price you would pay to the surf school or accommodation providers. We split and share, but not on your cost.

We will not get rich in terms of money- but we already are richly experienced and we would love to share our knowledge with you ;)

Until then… STAY SALTY.


Theresa from Wavebutler

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