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yoga music sadie hart pledge

The Heroine’s Journey of Sadie Hart

I wanna share the beautiful story with my beautiful singer, songwriter, yogini friend Sadie. Watch her video and get inspired to reach your dreams. Late bloomers always bloom. From fear to truth with music and love. Fear- Yes, what is behind this term. It was November. I was already two weeks in the middle of the jungle in this plastic-free yoga community called Pachamama in Costa Rica. What an intense time. Fear, bliss, rollercoaster of emotions came up, but i will share this another time. At this beautiful day, I was so ready to run away, to run as far as I can. I wanted to escape for myself. Fear, doubts, insecurity. Fear brought me to my homeplace here in Costa Rica. Fear told me: leave to the ocean and go out for a surf, surf it all away and charge your energy. Fear brought me to one of my closest soul sister, Sadie Hart. Fear, i thank you. I met her this day where i wanted to escape from my own truth. She made me to go back to Pachamama with her voice, we sang so beautiful mantras and Sadie-songs. We both spend four more weeks in this amazing yoga community. We both went deep into our souls. We both felt deeper in love with our beautiful truth.
 yoga music sadie hart pledge

Sadie is one of those women who inspires me on my journey since I met her.
Her way wasn’t always easy. The trust and inner belief brought her back to her power. She took the time alone with herself, to dive into her truth, to educate herself on all different levels of life, to sit in silence, to listen to her heart. Sadie showed me to reach for clear intention, to manifest with clarity, to integrate more music in my life, to ignite my femine power, simply to be. I just love this woman. Love is our way. The way we are living is our truth. From fear to truth. Have fun inhaling this interview and video with my LunaGirl.„Luna llena, luna llena, llena me con puro amor…“

Sadie, in 3 sentences how are you today?

Today I am embracing Lila – the cosmic dance of life. I’ve been fostering a kitten for almost one year and he was finally adopted yesterday. I am trying to hold space for the fullness of the present moment – deep gladness and deep sadness!

I am excited to hear about your new project?

Yes!  Thank you.  I am so grateful to have begun it!  It’s been a hidden dream of mine for years – to pick myself up and try again after a perceived creative “failure”.  Now I have the understanding that failure is inextricably linked with a creative life. I know the pain of not being creative, of not sharing my authentic gifts and talents, and now would rather fail a million more times than not live a vibrant, meaningful, and creative life!

Check this out and help her to reach her big dream:

What are your dreams you are manifesting and how? 

In Nashville I have been writing a lot of music, learning a lot of mantras, and developing yoga workshops, or what I call, healing and empowering immersive music and yoga experiences!  After I create a new album of music, I dream of moving into a van and sharing these songs and experiences with communities all over the US.  My first tour is from St. Louis, MO (my hometown) to Joshua Tree, CA (for BhaktiFest!)

As for the how, I raise my frequency with yoga, meditation, time in nature, fewer toxins, because like attracts like. I take actions – baby steps – that get me closer to what I desire. Then I surrender and let The Great Creator do the rest.  I love to manifest with the phases of the moon and often lead New Moon Women’s Circles to get clear and set intentions in the community!

yoga music sadie hart pledge

Where do you get your creativity from?

I believe my creativity comes to me from my higher power – The Great Creator.  I believe inspiration is a gift from the universe, asking me to be the midwife of a divine creation.  (I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s musings on this topic in her book, Big Magic!)

Who inspires you in life? 

Gah!  So many people!  The dreamers and creatives out there – the outliers and the underdogs – willing to embrace the fullness of life in lieu of the status quo.  Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon Doyle Melton, Oprah, Beyoncé, Alisha Keys, Jewel, Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen), MC Yogi, Brene Brown, Jen Sincero, Maya Angelou (RIP), Deepak Chopra, India.Arie, I mean, the list goes on and on.  I’m inspired by so many of my own friends and teachers, and choose to surround myself completely with seekers, makers, and go-getters.

What is your life philosophy?

I have many, but two mantras that resonate with me now are “One Day at a Time” and “Let Go and Let God”.  If I can surrender to Divine Will and just do the next right thing, one day at a time, I know I’m gonna be alright.  Also, there’s this crazy wellness trend going on right now, and I guess my question is great – you’re well – now what?  I believe when we get, we should give.  When we learn, we should teach.  So another mantra I use often is “Be Well x Serve Well”.  To remind myself to live a life of humble service – like a peaceful warrior.

Your favorite Yoga asanas and your favorite yoga place? 

I love balasana child’s pose!  I love supported savasana!  I have always loved vrksasana – tree.  Because as a Vata Dosha, connecting to my roots, (physical, familial, societal) and meeting the challenges of the first, second, third chakras, has allowed to transcend my own limitations and reach for the moon!  The practice has been such a gift to my life and I’m so grateful it was brought to us in the West :)

I love Pachamama, the eco-village in Costa Rica where we spent time together.  And I have a few favorite studios in New York, Nashville, and St. Louis. But my favorite yoga place is the place I go deep within when I engage with my practice.

yoga music sadie hart pledge

How does your magic morning routine look like?

I thrive in routine and structure.  I try to get 8 hours of sleep and wake with the sun.  I do tounge scraping and brush my teeth, make a warm beverage, and sit down to journal for three pages of freehand writing (morning pages from The Artists Way). I meditate for 15 minutes most days and have been experimenting with visualization and affirmations in the morning as well.  At some point each day I try to move my body with an asana practice or brisk walk around my neighborhood. I try to read daily as well, usually before bed.  Right now I’m trying to do Whole30 (a 30-day clean eating challenge) to detox from processed food and sugar!  Normally, I try to eat cleanly as much as possible – to keep my vibes high!

What are the 3 things you got out of your teacher training and would you say it changed your life?

Yes, I studied hatha yoga for 200 hours with Sacred Seed in 2013.  We used the chakra system as a healing structure and performed ceremonies to connect to the elements and embody the essence of each chakra.  Many sacred seeds were planted during this month of intense self-study. I developed a deep reverence for Mother Earth and her elements, gained a greater self-awareness, and feel I bring a depth and presence to my own practice and teaching that provides space for healing.

How do you release deep fear or regulate this sensation?

Ooo this is a constant practice!! Fear is an illusion of the mind – Avidya!  So getting out of my mind and into my body helps.  My favorite way to do this is with a strenuous hike. Mother Nature soothes my spirit, and the hills nourish my body and get my heart pumping and the prana flowing!

If the fear is keeping me from doing something that deep down I really want to do, I call for help.  To make this record, I picked up the phone and hired a music coach!  She gave me the focus and structure I needed to begin until I could take over.  It’s not only okay, but necessary to ask for support!  Teamwork makes the dream work!

yoga music sadie hart pledge

And how can we help you in reaching your dreams?

I would love to share my PledgeMusic video message with you.  It would be gratifying for me to know that my story inspired others to root down into their story, find the solid ground, and rise up against the struggles, fears, and adversity we each face.  Like Vrksasana!  I’m interested in people awakening to the magic and the colors of life. The music and the dance.  Lila.  And making a true difference by continuing to heal myself and to share light work in the world.   Together we rise!  Thanks so much for your time! Be Well x Serve Well.

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    I am so very proud of you Sadie thank you for sharing your journey to love and for being willing to face your fear and share that with the world as well. You inspire me.

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