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banana tree (1)

The ART of healing

Time flies when you draw. It all happened during my stay at the hospital when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. To keep and feel myself literally alive I decided to start again with a secret love of mine: A R T .



After discharged from hospital I had no inspiration anymore and all my energy left me as I spent it in finding a new place where I could feel home and safe. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out straight away and I got really restless and felt stuck in the Dutch system.

At the end of the year 2014,  I booked a one-way ticket to Morocco. Another chapter has followed.  I went to Taghazout, this small surf village in the South of Morocco. Yoga, surf, ocean, sun, siesta’s, food and friends were my mantra. Yes, in a certain way I was living my dream – though nothing is what it seems.

I had lost my strength and physical condition for surfing and other outdoor sports. Very confronting to cope with this new body while I was living next to the ocean. I tried to train myself, but the discipline wasn’t always that easy for me at that time. So, I realized I had to find something else for fulfillment and started drawing again; making mandalas and selling them as little postcards for tourists. One of my friends noticed my work and told me I should draw a mandala on his surfboard. So, I did and felt honored to make this beautiful design for my yogi friend Jesse Barlow. A Hamza, Fatima hand combined with mandalas and ancient patterns and dots:

Hamza finish alone (1)

Happy as I was I continued my work and got known by other friends and locals. So the banana palm tree and the mermaid got famous in the water as well! :-)

banana tree (1)

banana tree details (1)

mermaid chanti

A year later I was featured on Mpora. For those who don’t know, Mpora is Europe’s leading adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle.  Their website includes news, features and video content from 25 titles. Blessed and proud as I am:

After this online article, I received more requests for custom made designs. A lot of people were curious which paint I was using.  Well, there is no paint involved at all. Let me share my “secret weapon”…….

I use Uni Posca pens and in my opinion, they are the best artistic pens mankind has ever created. These markers are filled with acrylic paint and have this bright thick color. The acrylic ink will dry and work exactly the same way as good quality artist paints. I love to work with it as they are also waterproof (depending on the surface) and the paint will stay bright and colorful for ages. It takes a lot of time to fade away though I advise using a varnish after on your surfboard!

Posca pens come in different sizes and colors, which is really great, though I am using always black or white and lately also gold.

All the pens need a good shake every time you use them, so the ink stays fresh and into the tip. They are also safe, odorless and non-toxic, which makes them ideal for kids too. You can use the posca pens in a variety of ways – you could use them for body art, on walls, glass or on surfboards or skate decks!  You can find them in this special “creative” stores, in surf shops or you can order them online easily.

My blessings and shout outs to creative director Fabrice Harrar who’s believing in me as an artist and supporting me with these amazing Posca pens: “Merci beaucoup et a tout à Paris!

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