Hello, I am Marie.

What’s your Instagram Account?

saltinmyhair.com (mariepfisterer)

 What’s your life philosophy?

‘The road is my destination’ – if you take a route, it will take you to a beautiful destination at some point. From there you’ll find new ways to other destinations.

SIMH_mirleft road

Which place and moment from the past has stayed in your head?

In 2013 I have done a 2-month surf trip through Europe. Along the way I met some super nice Spanish people, who recommended me this secret beach along the coastline. When we reached the spot, everything was covered with golden dust. The waves were great and nobody was there. I felt like I was on another planet.

playa de vega spain

I couldn’t live without …

My camera and my boards! I cannot walk by a board without the desire to buy it! I love my boards more than anything. My collection consists of two 9’2 longboards, one Pukas 6’6 shortboard and one Pukas 6’0 surfboard. I also own some skateboards, a wakeboard and a skimboard.

02_my world

What do you miss while you are traveling?

I know that sounds random, but I really do miss my awesome family. Coming back from your travels and getting hugged by my parents and brothers is still the best feeling in the world.

Close your eyes and think about something nice. What are you thinking about?

It is cold and the sun is about to go down. The lineup is empty. I just recently fell in love with coldwater surfing, when I moved to the North of Germany, where I am able to do little surftrips to Denmark and the Baltic Sea at the weekend.

Your favourite photographer?

Through my work I have met Sebastian Drews, a photographer from Germany. He has not just become a good friend, but I also love his pictures, like the one below, which he shot in January 2017 in France.

S_D_0454_marie edit

What haircut do you have?

Salty, blond, natural, messy. Most of the times my friends cut my hair, as I always try to save money.

Salty Hair

Which language would you like to speak?

Spanisch! This language is simply sexy!

Which fear stops you from doing things?

Even though I love sports, I am always afraid to hurt myself.

What keeps you going?

The next holiday. I love to book flights quite far in advance, because then you always have something to look forward to and I can daydream about my upcoming holidays.

Surfer Girls in Portugal

I am looking forward to receive your mails, inspiration and feedback. marie@saltinmyhair.com