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This is Eve Isambourg – a good soul, a voice for the ocean, a surfer, and the #iSpeakBlueToo founder! She is officially launching the #ispeakbluetoo campaign @ispeakbluetoo, supported by the @ioc_unesco and @unesco, dozens of NGOs and other organizations, and BY ALL OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! In our following interview, we want to present you
Batu Bambu von oben

Batu Bambu – 16 Gründe warum unser zweites zu Hause auf Lombok ist

„BE CAREFUL TRAVELING TO LOMBOK – YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE AGAIN“ – Batu Bambu WOW – Elisa hat es gemacht. Sie hat ihren Traum von einem Gästehaus auf Lombok verwirklicht und lebt nun ihr Leben auf der wunderschönen Insel in Indonesien. Die 27-jährige Deutsche hat ihr Leben in Deutschland

The search for waves

You wake up and check the forecast – 1-2 ft, 22 mph onshore and no swell WTF. You’re still convinced Magicseaweed is lying and not updated yet. You get ready, jump in the car and the journey begins. At the same time, you know the tide is way too low but maybe there is a
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A Trip To South Portugal

First of all, welcome to the best country in the world! Yep yep you’re right, I am talking about Portugal. Bom Dia, Tudo bem? This country is known for pasteis de nata, openminded people and waves – actually the biggest waves of the world. Besides those facts – There is a sweet surflodge in the South