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Surfista – Girls can shape too

Marion is 26 years old and a shaper from Hossegor. She grew up at the beach but unfortunately at the wrong side of france, the one without waves. Now she lives her dream life in Hossegor and is more than happy with her job.

Here are some questions about the shaper life of a girl.

1. How do you know to shape surfboards?

The real story was that i had to do for my end of Master Degree, a realistic project. I did a master of design and architecture so everybody came to that final speech with an architecture studio project or landscaper project and i came with a surfboard. Everybody thought I was crazy but I did something I was really interested with, that’s why I found people to show me how to do the first one.

2. What is difficult at your job?

I think everything is difficult when you start. You have to pay attention to each step, keep focus on details to make it perfect (or closed too). The chemical vapors are not easy to bear same with the dust and blank’s powder but you get used to it :)

3. What is « surfista » can you explain the name and the story behind it?

Surfista is born at school, when I was working on that final project of master I had to find a name and a logo for my project. And I was thinking about what’s missing in the surf industry and in the water and I directly thought about girls in the water, the fact that we had only white colored boards same than the boys and black wetsuits. So I did the brand for the girls and Surfista come from the idea of « Fashionista » , girls who loves fashion so « Surfista » girls who loves surfing :)

4. Your customers?

The idea was to guide the brand towards a feminine universe but actually I had more guys than girls ahah. I had the chance to meet a lot of different personality and it makes how I am today and how I work :) I have more girls at the moment. I’m super happy about it cause they like having a lot of colors, prints and different designs, which is cool and interesting to do.

5. What keeps you going? Your motivation?

My motivation are my friends and relatives, and all those people who told me to keep going. I was pretty shy to start this business, I’m the only girl in a male world around here, that was a bit scary. But I had a lot of support till today who give me the confidence to continue what I do. I find my motivation in what I’ve done and the new challenge I have to do. Each order, each board is a new challenge, I’m glad to wake up the morning and beeing happy to go to work. I’m motivated to try new shapes, new colors, new technics and of course to travel to learn more.

6. Favourite quote or life philosophy?

I have a quote i’m not sure its a philosopher who wrote it, but someone one day told me « you have to keep the head out of the water to see stars above the waves » and it’s actually how I see life, keep the head high and go on, being humble, proud and happy in life, helping and supporting people around as much as I can.

7. Your biggest dream?

I have a lot of dreams. I had the dream to live in Hossegor and I did it. I think the life is too short to do not realize your dreams, so I think my dreams are my goals in life. My next dream is to open my own little shapingbay. My biggest dream at the moment I to open a surf house, a little hostel with few rooms to share with surfers from all around the world and I have the dream to travel more to discovers new countries, new cultures, cause the travel is the best thing to learn in life.

8. What does the ocean mean to you?

It means a lot! I grew up in the water and I knew how to swim in the same time than when I knew how to walk. I’m like a little fish, stand up paddle, wakeboard and now surf. I always found myself in the water, that feeling makes me happy. I feel free in the water. You forget all your problems and you just enjoy the view, the moment, the ride, and the ocean has so much to give.

9. Sunset or sunrise?

Sunset, i’m in love with the colors of the sunset <3

10. What comes up next?

Next is the opening of my shaping bay and of course going back to Australia to work and getting better skills.

11. Step by step.. how do you shape a surfboard?

Okey, are you ready ?

First you have the blank which roughly looks like a surfboard. You choose it by being the closest with your project and you draw the outline. Next step is the « shape » – you cut the outline and you have to shape the blank, shape the concaves, the rails. After that, you « glass » it with fiber and resin and you add the fins plugs, and the final step I love the most, I’m kidding of course is the sanding step, the finishing step, tiring cause of the weight of the machine but exciting because it’s the FINAL step before to say bye and goodluck to the board :)

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