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Surfing South Africa

For the last years, I mainly focused on learning kitesurfing, which was at times incredibly rewarding and sometimes also extremely frustrating. And even though I am still far from being a really good kitesurfer, I decided to go for the next challenge, for the waves, for “real surfing”. My current trip to South Africa was the perfect opportunity for that and I was lucky to find a great spot for beginners and a great team of instructors. With the Stoked School of Surf I had an incredible weekend in Muizenberg – here you see why it was such a great experience:

The spot

Beginner friendly – often named as one of the best spots to learn surfing – beach break. Depending on high- or low-tide you can often walk until the point where you can take the first waves so you don’t loose too much power for paddling in the first days. For the more advanced there are pretty decent waves a little further out so it is even good for groups with different levels. Another plus: No reef or anything else that could hurt.


The team

Very welcoming, relaxed people with great teaching skills. The owners of the school did their best to fulfil all our requests and make us have the most of our stay. My main instructor, Alexis, could already tell me half of the things I did wrong in the past just by listening to me talking about my previous experiences.


The accommodation

I stayed at the “African Soul Surfer”, laid-back, cozy, great kitchen and special guest “kitty”, a cat that really needs some effort to start liking you (but it’s worth it!). I could see the ocean from my bed, listen to the waves and wake up with the sun. There’s also table tennis, a pool table and a balcony for a nice after-surf-session. Nothing to be missed :)



The things to do around 

Simon’s Town, Cape of Good Hope, Kalk Bay, … plenty of things to do! There is a penguin colony in Simon’s Town that can easily be visited, either by car or with the train (it doesn’t go all the way, you have to walk the last 15min). But be aware, the penguins might bite you if you come to close :) If the waves are bad, you could do a day trip around the Cape of Good Hope visiting some of the villages around the coast. OR you just relax in Kalk Bay, a nice little bohemian town just a 30min walk from Muizenberg. Check out Brass Bell or satori, two places with great food and nice views!


And what is the resume from the whole “kitesurfing to surfing”? I’d say, it might both be challenging in the beginning, but it is totally worth the try because once you get only a little success, it is 100% rewarding! And regarding South Africa as surf destination, I would definitely recommend it: It has some good spots for beginners, beautiful things to discover around and if you consider continuing to surf afterwards, you can get incredible deals for surfboards, even custom mades. In Cape Town, look for Vudu, DVG shapes, DGS surfboards or Bitch Surfboards.

Have fun!




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