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Surfana Festival – Spreading the ocean vibes

If you love cold waters, wind and challenges the Netherlands will be your perfect surf destination. The tide in the North Sea is massive and influences the waves a lot, which means timing is everything over here. Therefore the locals appreciate even more their quality waves at a place that doesn’t receive swell so often. On a good day you will be surprised how many male and female surfers are in the water. Yes, Holland can be proud of their surfcommunity and upcoming pro’s.

Because of that more surf events and festivals will be organized in this small country. One of this famous one called  Surfana Festival. This four days festival will be held in the middle of the Dutch Dunes on the 22-23-24-25th of June 2017 in Bloemendaal aan Zee (30 min drive from Amsterdam). This year it will be even more special as they will celebrate their 5th edition;  more reasons to come for all our surfdudes, chicks, oceanlovers and free spirits!




10-top things to do to make your experience more memorable:

1. Learn to Surf

Our greatest passion. It is truly amazing how much fun you will experience with just a board and ocean. The enthusiastic instructors from Surfana Zandvoort will teach you the basics of surfing. Kids are also welcome and limited surfboards and wetsuits will be available. Be aware this is seriously addictive!

2. Yoga and Meditation

Wake up and start your amazing Surfana days with an energising Vinyasa Flow yoga class or meditate by sunset at the beach or  in the dunes. Unwind, relax and breathe by their qualified teachers.


3. Juttersgeluk (beachcombers delight)

Finding beautiful treasures on the beach like shells or stuff that is not supposed to be there like fishing rope and make something of it. Jewelry and tassels for example. Be creative and happines guaranteed!

4. Hummingbird Music

A music safari guide by Surfana’s one and only programmer. They will guide you through the dunes to secrets spots for some intimate special acoustic performances. Explore and listen to these beautiful sounds!

5. Eten uit de Natuur (Food from Nature)

A wonderful excursion by biologist, chef and nature guide, Wies Teepe. During this excursion you will venture through the dunes near the on a hunt for eatable plants and you’ll learn which ones to pick, how to preserve them and how to prepare a delicious meal with your freshly picked food. A nice walk through the dunes and a great learning experience with a tasting session at the end of the excursion.

6. Percussion

Bas ten Hoor invites you to a percussive experience. With his self made drums made of old barrels and cow skins you can join in to learn the rhythms. It’s fun and it will lift your energy level. Make some noise and feel this meditative state of mind!

7. Hoop Dancing

Lovely Simona Ula will teach you in a playful way variety of amazing tricks with the hulahoop. You will be amazed by what you can do with this hulahoop. There will a beginners class and an intermediate one. Bare feet in the sand and find your flow!

8. Movies:

Wanna chill and watch some good movies or documentaries? They have made this own Surfana Cinema for you:

Given, Fishpeople, Down to Earth, Niemandsland, Gaza Surfclub and By the Ocean we Unite. Enjoy!


9. Kids Area / Stitch & Ride

Kids can make their own hero outfit. They will be guide by Stich & Ride who redesign clothes and fabrics into their own Future heroes!


10. Music, Music and Music

Their line-up is amazing and bands from all over the world will leave you the best summervibes. Enjoy and dance if it will be your last one! Check out the lineup here.


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