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10 reasons why I loved to work for Surf Berbere

Ok, I will work here for one month” is what I told my friend Yazid, who was working at the Moroccan surf camp Surf Berbere. “Just for one month“. The month passed. And another one and another one and, in the end, I stayed for almost for 5 months working as a host at Surf Berbere in Taghazout. Why? Because I simply loved it there for a couple of reasons (and I already regret that I have left!):

1. Ocean front yard.

Yes, the ocean was my front yard. The cafe, the camp and the yoga room are located just in front of Hashpoint. And what is better to start your work just next to the ocean? Literally nothing!

10_surf berbere view morocco
Ocean view… until Anchor point!
11_surf berbere yoga
Yoga room view

2. Hashpoint.

One of my FAVOURITE surf spots around Taghazout and Tamraght is Hashpoint. And Hashpoint is basically a ‘jump into the ocean’ away from the Surf Berbere cafe. Even though the surfspot proofed to be a crazy drop-in party, I absolutely loved to surf there in the sunrise or sunset hours. But be prepared to share some waves!

Sunset surf sessions
03_haspoint morocco surf berbere
Hashpoint surf

3. Great, great, great team.

I couldn’t imagine a better team. I met my dear friend Chanti at Surf Berbere, who is teaching yoga. This girl is simply amazing! Then there are Imad, Wail and Rashid, the Moroccan surf instructors, who are soooooo encouraging in the water! It is impossible to have a bad day of surfing with these guys.

13_surf berbere surf
Welcome to Imad’s surf lesson

Mohammed, the chef, makes the best banana-chocolate-mousse-cake I have ever tested (and also his other food is amazing). There is Hamza, our Moroccan host -he is definitely the coolest kid in town and always helped me out, with everything. Beth, also host at Surf Berbere, is running the cool brand Berbere Blue. Then there was Mike, a photographer and filmmaker from the US, who made us smile every day. All the guys from the cafe. Abdul – the manager. Ahmed, the driver, who looks 100% like Mario (from Mario Kart). Ayoub, the guy from the surfshop, who taught my how to repair surfboards. There were Maik, Alice, Clare, Katy … the list is long and I am so happy I met all of them. And last but not least I wanted to thank my boss James for giving us so much freedom to run the surf camp (I think we did a good job).

17_team surf berbere
Surf Berbere team – Hamza, me, Rashid, Chanti

4. Endless summer days. And lots of surfing.

Four days ago I was surfing with leggings and shirt. In December! That’s another reason why I loved to spend my winter months working in sunny Morocco! While many of my friends were preparing for the winter, I enjoyed endless summer days. I am truly happy I could improve my surfing a lot during the last months and that I got the chance to escape the cold.

06_marie pfisterer
Working on my cross steps

5. New friends. 

While working as a host, you get the chance to met a lot of interesting and inspiring people. And I did. During my seven months in Morocco, I met some wonderful people, Moroccans and Europeans. And Australians. And Kiwis. And Americans. I hope I will cross paths with many again.

We all love Mike, temporary photographer and filmmaker for Surf Berbere

6. Surf instructor certificate

I am a surf instructor now! Surf Berbere is running two surf instructor courses each year. All participants will stay for three months at the camp and get trained every day … to become surf instructors. I joined the assessment and am now a qualified ISA surf instructor! Yaaaaayyyyyyy!

12_surf berbere instructor course
Surf instructor course

7. Time for myself. Time to start my own brand.

On quiet days, I had time for my own projects. And so I finally started to do, what I have been dreaming of … creating my own surf leggings, made from upcycled swimwear materials: DOTS Dancer of the Sea.

DOTS surfleggings, photo shot by Moroccan analog photographer Dounia

8. Imsouane trips

You gotta love Imsouane. THE perfect, long, mellow righthander. Imsouane is a 1 1/2 hour drive away from Taghazout and Surf Berbere organises some trips to the magic spot whenever you want to go there. With fresh fish lunch included. It’s probably needless to say that I never missed one of these trips  :)

04_imsouane reef
Cathedral Point
14_imsouane surf berbere
Imsouane surf paradise

9. Dinner

The dinner at the surf camp is simply amazing. My favourite night was Pizza night on Mondays, where we prepared some fresh pizzas in the stone oven. But also the couscous, the tajine, lamb chops, burgers, fish BBQ and chicken/beef skewers were absolutely yummy. Not to forget the delicious desserts. I will definitely miss these dinners on the rooftop, while watching the stars and listening to the ocean.

15_surf berbere food
Mexican night at the camp

10. Roadtrips.

I love driving. And roadtrips! Due to my flexible working hours, I tried to take every chance to explore more of Morocco and went on several trips. To Mirleft, Sidi Ifni, Tifnit, Dioura, Imsouane, Essaouira, Marrakesh, the desert and many other places. Morocco has so much to offer and I am happy I had the chance to see at least a tiny bit of the multifaceted country.

Road to Mirleft
19_desert surf berbere
Desert trip
Perfect A-frames at Tifnit

Thanks to everyone for making my stay at Surf Berbere unforgettable. I will come back. Probably sooner than I might have thought!

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