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Support his dream. Aljaz Babnik and the story of a lost drone in Morocco.

Imagine a week full of surfing, yoga, local food, nature and amazing people captured by a professional filmmaker. Stunning shots presenting the culture and essence of Morocco from different perspectives by this good-hearted soul: Aljaz Babnik. He is a globe photographer and filmmaker who is traveling the world for the last couple of years.

Aljaz himself… checking the waves at Anchor Point, Morocco

During the Salt in my Hair’s Longboard & Yoga Retreat in Morocco, he made stunning shots between people’s love and laughter, culture and nature.

photo credit: Aljaz Babnik

photo credit: Aljaz Babnik

Sadly at the end of his project, his drone has been taken by the Military at Marrakech Airport. A drone of 1500 euros! #Motherfuckers. Even though drones are banned in Morocco, we got a promising mail by the UAV systems, who promised us to get a commercial request. Well, never trust anyone, after we paid the fees, they canceled our request last minute (when the drone was already in Morocco) and Aljaz had no other option than taking it on the plane (which didn’t happen).

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-14 um 19.52.08


Here our payment proof

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As our friend and filmmaker Aljaz depends on his drone for his jobs, we want to support him in any way and raise money to help Aljaz buying a new drone so he can continue his work and share his passion.

Any amount, any donation is truly truly welcome! And we can’t wait to present you our video when it’s finished, with the incredible last drone shots from Aljaz’ camera.


Thank you from the bottom of our heart and spending your valuable time reading this.


The money will be collected on this bank account:

Marie-Therese Pfisterer
Bank: DKB, Germany
IBAN: DE93 1203 0000 1014 5257 27
Heading: Support Aljaz



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