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sunshne surf

Sunshine Surf Morocco – the place where the sun is always shining

When it is grey and cold in Germany, when all your tan from the last season is gone and you look absolutely pale, when you can feel the high deficit of vitamin D, if your hair gets darker … then it is time to get some more SUNSHINE in your life! Then it is time to leave …

“Now I’m gonna tell my momma
That I’m a traveler
I’m gonna follow the sun”

SIMH_foreign soil

So I told my momma and hopped on the next airplane to Morocco, to the country of endless sunshine. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and not your good conscious. Sometimes you just need to book that flight, even though you have other stuff to do …

 “Hop back to my heart
The only place I feel alone
I need the foreign soil”


One of the surfcamps that I stayed with was ‘Sunshine Surf Morocco’ in Tamraght. The owner Reda and his girlfriend Laura (two super-friendly, young and cool fellows) opened the place last year. Together with surf instructor Momo, the friendly chef Ali (who started a pull-up competition with my friend Mariam and me and won… obviously), the smiling cleaning lady Mina and the cutest dog on Earth, Maui, they take good care of the place and you. Every morning and every evening we ate together, shared our stories and had a laugh together. During the day we went to the beach together, enjoyed the sunshine and surfing, of course.

“Sun rising under my feet
these kids are out here
they are my family”

simh_my family1

Reda, Laura, me and Momo

The tingly rays of the sun in the morning hours, the magic view from the rooftop and the marvelous landscape, the friendly atmosphere and the good vibe, the home-made food and the welcoming smiles – I am missing all these things already.

 “Don’t stop, you got to move
Keep moving on, moving on
I’m never gonna stop”


The people

REDA is the owner and manager of the camp! He has been competing on a professional level in bodyboarding and surfing and has been traveling all around the world (Hawaii, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Brazil… you name it). He definitely has no fear of the waves and is always motivated to show you around. In fact… really motivated …

SIMH_sunshine surf morocco owner

SIMH_off surfing

Here some questions to Reda:

Bodyboarding or Surfing? Bodyboarding in slabs / mutant waves and Surfing in fun beachbreaks and endless point breaks

Biggest wave in your life? Maybe 15ft (5m) somewhere around Agadir with Jerome Sahyoun

Favourite surfspot in the world? Nuggan in Australia

Favourite surfspot in Morocco? Anchor Point, Taghazout

Your bodyboard / surfboard? Bodyboard : Pride Benson 41,5″ / Surfboard : Dylan Longbottom 6’2

Favourite Moroccan dish? Pastilla

Meat or fish? Fish! I am spearfishing my own fish… so I know that it’s 100% fresh


LAURA is such a lovely and sweet girl. She provided me with food when I was almost starving, she has been doing a lot of ‘girl talk’ with me, she went out to dance and celebrate with us, she always took me along when she was meeting up with friends or when she was having a stroll with Maui on the beach. I really enjoyed her company and hope to hang out with her very soon.

simh_the girls

laura and cyrielle Kopie

trip with Laura and Cyrielle to Immsouane

Here some questions to Laura:

Your favourite country in the world? Morocco!!!!

Where have you surfed the first time in your life? In Agadir at Killer

Favourite surfspot in Morocco? Imsouane (la baie)

Your favourite bar/place to go out in Morocco? the English pub in Agadir and paradise plage on Tuesdays

Your favourite restaurant in Morocco? Chez Brahim at Imourane beach

Favourite Moroccan dish? fish tajine

Meat or fish? fish


MOMO is the surf teacher with the biggest smile and the nicest curly hair! And probably the most critical one! After analyzing my surf videos and pictures he showed me all the things I am doing wrong! Ooops… my take off was wrong, my arm position, the way my feet are located on the board… basically everything! But I really enjoyed the honest and critical surf lesson, as I learnt a lot of new stuff. He will definitely improve your surfing level! That’s for sure.


SIMH_surfer is jumping

Here some questions to Momo:

Biggest wave in your life? 5 metres

Favourite surfspot in Morocco? Rasta Point

Do you have one tip for beginners? Practice makes perfect

Where do you want to go surfing? I want to go to cook islands

Your surfboard? Polline 5’8

Favourite Moroccan dish? food

Meat or fish? fish


MAUI is this little cutie and he made me smile every single day. How can you say no to these eyes? Right, you can’t. Maui was named after the famous surf Island in Hawaii.



Here some questions to Maui:

Your favourite place to hang out? The beach

Your life philosophy? Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.

What do you love the most? cuddles, playing hide and seek, food

Favourite Moroccan dish? I am not choosy! I like them all.

Meat or fish? Meat



Reda grew up in Safi (Morocco) and has been surfing since he was a young boy. He was traveling up and down the coast of Morocco several times and knows where to find ALL the good waves. Momo grew up in the South, in Mirleft (also a great surf destination, especially during the summer months). He has a lot of experience in teaching; he loves to surf and to share his skills with everyone.

SIMH_surf lessons morocco tamraght

Surf lesson with Momo

SIMH_surfteam sunshine surf

and everyone is happy …

One day, when the waves were quite big (well, at least too big for me), I joined Sunshine Surf and followed their surf guiding adventures with my camera. And this is how it looked like:

Step 1: Find an empty line up with good waves …

SIMH_waiting for the waves

Step 2: Found it!

SIMH_big waves morocco

Step 3: Start with a big smile and lots of motivation

SIMH_surfer love

Step 4:  Let’s get into the water, together.

SIMH_surf crew sunshine surf morocco

Step 5: But don’t to forget to warm-up (in the weirdest possible way)…

SIMH_waum up surf morocco

Step 6: You should better know how to duckdive

SIMH_duckdive morocco

Step 7: Now it’s time to surf…

SIMH_desert point morocco

… what about some overhead waves?

SIMH_surfing days morocco

… or some barrels?


… or some long peeling waves?

SIMH_surf is on

… or an eco-friendly-water-shower?

SIMH_surf fail

If you hang out with the boys, you will never get bored! I tell you! They always spread a good mood and motivate you to take your surfing to the next level.



The mainstream-surf-traveler will probably end up staying in the famous surfer town Taghazout… but I preferred to stay in Tamraght. The little village with its red-brown mud houses and its local, laid-back vibe has been so charming that I fell in love. Yes, it must have been love at first sight. Love at first breath. Love at first freshly cooked fish (caught by Reda). I knew immediately it was a place to stay, not to leave. It was basically a home away from home. But enough euphoria… lets present the the house.

The camp is quite simple … it has dormitories with up to 6 beds and double beds if you like it more private (with your own bathroom). Downstairs you will find a big table, where you can sit together and replay the day’s happenings or plan new adventures. And upstairs you have a roof terrace with a magnificent view over the city.

SIMH_dormitory sunshine surf

Every morning I was welcomed with a table full of food – avocados, dates, fresh bread, eggs, pancakes or other traditional Moroccan bakeries – and Moroccan mint tea. The day was always brought to a close with freshly cooked food from the kitchen master Ali. My absolute highlight was the fish-dinner, which Reda has caught himself.

SIMH_sunshine surf morocco living room

My favourite spot in the camp has definitely been the rooftop! You have a stunning view over the whole city: the perfect place to to relax, to drink a Moroccan tea, to read, to do some yoga, to meditate, to socialize or to end the day with an incredible romantic sunset and a glass of wine.

SIMH_chilling terrace SIMH_rooftop sport

And if you are an early bird, you are lucky… because this will wait for you in the early morning hours:

SIMH_sunshine surf morocco

SIMH_rooftop sunshine surf morocco

I am back at home, but when I close my eyes I can feel the gentle sun rays on my face, I can sense the wind blowing through my hair and I can taste the salty air on my lips. Morocco and Sunshine Surf Camp will definitely guarantee you some brilliant and sunny days at the ocean.

Reda, Laura, Momo, Ali, Mina and Maui, thanks for your wonderful company during my five-day-stay at your camp. You might see me very soon :)


* Additional Info: Packages start from 160€ (bed and breakfast, per week), 340€ surf guiding (bed and breakfast, per week), 350€ surf coaching (bed and breakfast, per week). Find all the packages here.

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