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A glass of French red wine. A PlayStation. And 20 random questions to photographer Sebastian Drews

It was 11pm. We were sitting in an apartment in France and we seemed to be the only visitors in town. I met Sebastian a couple of weeks earlier when I had my first surf session in cold Denmark. He also shared my (new) passion for coldwater surfing. One thing led to another and on the 30th of December we and two other friends were hitting the road to spend the New Year together in the salty water close to Bordeaux.

My friend Lisa and I were sipping from our red wine glasses and had some spontaneous and random questions to Sebastian, who was focused on his PlayStation after a long day of surfing.

1. What is your favorite travel destination? 

Iceland! I guess there is no other place where you have such a great variety of stunning landscapes on such a small piece of Earth. At least I couldn’t find it anywhere else so far.


2. Do you prefer to take pictures in the water or out of the water? 

Hmmmm (long pause). I guess it’s 50/50. Taking pictures in the water is different each time I learn new things with every session and the pictures are more spontaneous. When I take landscape pictures I try to look for new light situations and perspectives to get a variety of shots, which are not so random.



3. Which superpowers would you like to have?

I want to fly to get a different perspective of our planet Earth.


4. What are you afraid of?

Injuries, which could limit me in the life I am living right now

 5. What’s the biggest challenge when you take pictures in the water? 

To read the waves and to find the perfect position – You really need to know what’s going on – you need to be close to the surfers, but also have enough distance to not get injured. You also have to estimate whether you have enough power to be under water for a long time when a big set rolls in. Surfers need to do the same, but they have a surfboard, which always brings them back to the surface, for me there is only my camera, my (swim) fins and a clear focus.


6. What is a harmonic color to you? 

The pink of Marie’s bathing suit!

7. Do you like to be on pictures? 

Actually it doesn’t really matter who is in the picture. I like to have people on pictures to see relations, in terms of how big and impressive the nature can be. So it can be me in the picture or someone else, that doesn’t play a big role.


8. Why are you taking pictures? What is your aim? 

I want to show people that there’s another world out there and that there are other things than pictures of food and selfies.


9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

More often on my surfboard

 10. What is your next travel destination? 

I will show my parents the beauty of Iceland in April


 11. Tell us your favorite hashtag!

#followforunfollow :)

 12. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Hmmm (thinks long and pauses his PlayStation game). If something embarrassing happens, I can just laugh about it. I can’t really think of a very embarrassing situation right now.

13. Which is your favorite picture? And your favorite song? 

Picture: Ice Cave, the picture looks kind of surreal. If you zoom in the ice looks like a piece of Art. I shot it in February 2016 in Iceland.
Song: Everlong Cover by Evergreen Terrace original Foo Fighters


ice cave crop

 14. How does your perfect bread look like?

Toasted wholemeal bread with a honey mustard and sweet onion sauce, topped with melted cheese and yellow and red pepper. Additionally red onions, tuna, salt and pepper

15. You are also filming and you told us that you always choose the song first, which criteria do you use to choose a song?

Mood. Genre. Popularity (the less popular, the better)

16. What is part of each of your trips?

“Your Mum” –jokes and my camera equipment

 17. Do you prefer surfing or photography? 

When the waves are small I prefer to surf, when the waves are big or the light is special, I prefer to take pictures.


 18. Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends?

It depends a bit on the reason of my travel. If I travel for photography purposes, I often prefer to go traveling alone and when I go on a surf trip I always enjoy good company.

19. Do you believe in the Milky Way? 

It’s all photoshopped! :)


20. Are you up to take some sweet pictures of the stars with us now? (It was 11.57pm … )

Yes, we need a cool group picture of our trip! Move your asses!


Follow Sebastian for breathtaking pictures and drop him a message if you are interested in buying his prints. He also made a sweet coldwater calendar, which you can win here or buy via Saltwater Shop.


To win his calendar with lovely pictures from Denmark, Iceland, France and Canada, just mention in the comments below, where you would like to travel to (Denmark, Iceland, France or Canada)? Contest ends on Friday, 20th of January at 23.59pm.

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He is also giving workshops and has photo exhibitions several times every year, so watch out!

Instagram: sdxfotografie

Facebook: SD Fotografie


5 thoughts on “A glass of French red wine. A PlayStation. And 20 random questions to photographer Sebastian Drews”
  1. Nico - Reply

    Iceland is all the way up on my travel list. My dream would be to get a nice 4×4 campervan and then take the ferry, spend 2 weeks on the Faroer and then keep to iceland.

    The calender would look gret in our new apartment :)

  2. Rene - Reply

    I’d love to see the beauty of Iceland, the home of my favorite Band Sigur Rós, which streamed a 24 hour drive on Iceland’s coastal ring road. I’d try this route and enjoy the beauty of the northern lights.

  3. Paule - Reply

    I would get a van and travel the cold, unpredictable and mystical Iceland with a couple of good friends, embarking on an adventure not only to see the sun refusing to set during the endless summer days or the northern lights during the harder winter times, not only to enjoy the fascinating landscapes in the form of mountains, glaciers, lakes, geothermal baths.. but above all, to push ourselves and enjoy overcoming the challenge of sharing a wave in the demanding Artic Sea, catching glimpses of unmatched beauty while surfing with the locals in the black sand beaches. Enjoying the secrets a place at the top of the world has to offer and being in tune with it.

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