15% Discount at Saltwater Shop

We have partnered up with Saltwater Shop and you’ll all get a sweet discount of 15% with the code: SWSXSALTINMYHAIR.

Saltwater Shop is an online shop from Hamburg (meanwhile they also have two offline shops), whose focus is on small, independent brands, who have their roots in surfing. The brands in the shop all tell an authentic story and share the passion for saltwater.

You can find almost everything about surfing and skating. From fashion to travel gear, books, DVD’s, magazines, music and much more.

Our 5 favorite products:

1. Surf Leggings from Zealous


2.Hat from Mojak Gypsy Headware


3. Saltwater Camp Mug

sws_camp mug_island

4. Jules Ahoi & The Deepsea Orchestra CD

Jules ahoi

5. Posca Markers

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