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OY-Surf Apparel, 14 questions and a little raffle




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1. Aloha Zelia, your brand in a few words?
In short: OY stays on and looks great!
In more detail, OY Surf Apparel produces surfwear that allows every girl to focus on her best performance. The bikinis are comfortable and and stay on, no matter what! This reliability is combined with beautiful, modern design and cuts.


2. What’s the origin of  the name of your brand, “OY ” ?
Once in 2012, when I was surfing with my business partner Regula, I dropped in on one of her waves and shouted out “OYOY” to her. From then on it became our little game, to call out “OYOY” to confuse each other and cut the other off :)

3. Who is actually the head behind those beautiful designs?
Regula and I (Zelia) go through the process of developing new products once a year together. From the moment when we decide on color combinations and patterns, Regula takes over responsibility for the rest of the production. In the meantime I’m responsible for everything else such as photoshoots, the online shop, retailers, PR, social media, marketing etc..

4. Tell me something about your team, how many chickas and where do you live?
I (Zelia) live in Zürich, where I work as a freelance graphic designer and are also involved in other projects. Regula moved to Canggu, Bali in 2011, is married and has a 4-year-old boy. She’s responsible for overseeing the production and testing the bikinis, while I do the design, distribution and marketing in Switzerland. Since 2017 my brother Dario is managing our european warehouse in Berlin.


5. Where is the actual production facility/location?
We used to produce in Bali, but moved the production site to East Java in 2016, so that the tailors could be closer to their families. We’ve actually just released a movie, where you can see how our bikinis are made and the faces behind them :)

6. Highest priority is?
Definitely quality.
We take the testing process very seriously to make sure that we can keep the promise of providing a comfortable bikini that stays on. That is the most important thing. Of course we also try to be creative about the design and the patterns, to make sure OY Surf Apparel has a unique look. Our inspiration for the design comes from nature, we want OY to feel natural.

7. Is something like “Fair trade” a subject/important to you?
Yes, definitely. We want to set up a second production site in Europe so we can follow our sustainability ideas. We’re also considering materials like 100% recyclable lycra and we use compostable plastic packaging to ship the bikinis from Bali to Europe.


8. What are your goals for the future ?
Following our sustainability ideas and keep developing our brand identity.

9. Your biggest fears are?
No fears! I like challenges!

10. Do you guys surf a lot ?
Regula surfs almost daily, since she lives in Bali, I unfortunately don’t have that chance, since I live in land-locked Switzerland, but I try to go at least 2-3 times a year which is still not enough!

11. Rather bikini or swimsuit?
I think it’s a question of personal taste. I myself prefer bikinis and I can’t really say why. But whenever i go on a trip I’ll bring along 10 Bikinis and 2 Swimsuits.


12. Your favorite surf spot?
Mentawais Mentawais Mentawais but not on high season!

13. Which is your favorite well-topped piece of bread (sandwich) ?

14. What will be next in line?
We’d like to increase our presence in the US and we are also planning an OY Surf week in Portugal during the first June week of 2018. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first informed about it.



Thank you Oy Surf Apparel for your time and this interview.

Stay tuned for more information about the OY Surf week in Portugal.

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