Coming together, sharing waves, getting to know a new culture, eating local cuisine – all this is what matters to us. For our next adventure, we want to show you one really special place, a beautiful and unexplored part of Morocco – Mirleft & Sidi Ifni. Even though Mirleft has a lot of great surfing spots to offer, not a lot of people make their way down there. This means for us: Empty lineups, rural coastlines, beautiful surf spots and a glimpse of the real Morocco. Together with our friend Momo, who grew up in Mirleft,  we’ll explore all the hidden spots together… the spots behind the dunes, at the end of the stony road, down the cliff. You’ll be amazed by this beautiful piece of Earth.

Mirleft & Sidi Ifni

Mirleft is a small, Berber town located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the mountains. Positioned by the seaside, the town is known for its beautiful, tranquil beaches; which have become the best-kept secret in Morocco. Mirleft offers some wonderful places for those who wish to enjoy their time, relax, and recharge themselves.


Momo will be our head coach. He has been surfing since he was little kid and has developed an irresistible passion for the ocean. He really loves the thrill and is hunting big waves all around the world. But no worries, we’ll find waves for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Depending on the waves and tides we’ll have 1-2 surf sessions every day and Momo will help you to make the first steps on the board, to get your surfing game to the next level and to improve your technique. We’ll divide you in different groups, depending on your level. Twice during that week, we’ll make a video analysis to get the best out of your surfing!

The spots: In Mirleft we have a great variety of point and beach breaks, from mellow to hollow waves. You will not get bored of surfing the same spot every day as we’ll show you different spots stretching along the coast with over 100km.

What else to expect?

Apart from our daily search for waves, we’ll offer 4 yoga sessions during the week to get back in tune with your body.  We’ll also spend one night in the desert under the stars to share some crazy bonfire stories, visit the traditional Berber Museum and make some fun excursions to explore more of Morocco’s Southern side.

Between all the surf and yoga sessions, we’ll still make sure that everyone has time for him/herself. We’ll also have the professional photographers Aljaz Babnik on board, who will capture the whole experience, leaving more than just a memory.


We offer traditional local cuisine, such as tajine and couscous as well as really (!) fresh fish straight from the ocean.  We offer vegan/vegetarian options as well.


Situated in front of the ocean,  just a tiny footwalk away from the beach, we have the opportunity to relax, unwind and unstress. Between our surf sessions, you can enjoy our common spaces: sunny courtyard, cozy Moroccan salon and large open terrace.

When & Where:  21st – 28th of September (Saturday til Saturday)

Price (per person):  

Shared room: 875€ (max. 4 people)
Double bed: 900€ (2 people)
Private room: 925€ (1 person)
Private Suite: 975€ (ocean view, double bed, balcony, own bathroom) (2 people)

Levels: All surfing levels welcome

Maximum amount of people: 15
Minimum amount of people: 5

What’s included:

  • Free Agadir shuttle (from Agadir Airport or Agadir bus terminal)*
  • 7 nights of Accommodation in a villa with swimming pool
  • 3 meals per day – Traditional cuisine and vegan/vegetarian options
  • Daily Coaching sessions with experienced surfers
  • Free surfboard and wetsuit rental
  • 3-4 yoga sessions
  • 1 night camping in the desert
  • Photography by professional photographer Aljaz Babnik (35€ extra)
  • 2x Video Analysis

*note: when you fly to Marrakesh, you can take a bus to Agadir or we can arrange a pickup, which will be extra-charge (depending on how many people)

How to book:

  1. Fill out the registration form on Surfers Collective or drop us an email to if you have questions
  2. Pay the deposit of 200€
  3. Wait for the adventure to begin


  • Ryanair
  • Easyjet
  • SunExpress
  • Transavia
  • Air Arabia
  • Lufthansa
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • British Airways

What else?

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Mary loves the ocean more than everything and finds her office in the ocean. She is inspired by singlefin-surfing, photography and experiencing new cultures. Get in touch with her to plan your next adventure and ask her everything you want to know.


Momo is originally from Mirleft and knows all the spots perfectly. He has several years of coaching and teaching experience and will take good care of you. Momo is now living and working in the UK and can’t wait to come back to share his home town and spots with us.


Aljaz Babnik is an award-winning filmmaker and professional photographer. He has been filming the short film I AM HOME during our first retreat, a short film, which was shown on more than 20 surf film festivals. He can’t wait to chase some waves with us and capture our best moments. Follow him on Instagram already and get inspired @aljazbabnik.


Let’s make this happen and jump into the water together…

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