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Morocco – My greatest salty moments in 2015

Seven months in Morocco. Seven wonderful months in a beautiful country with amazing people! Morocco has really become my ‘home’ and I am so glad, I packed my suitcase to spend half of the year in the sunshine country! The unforgettable memories I have collected were countless… here is just a tiny collection:

1. Flying on a wave, picture caught by Magic Surf Morocco


2. Finally managing my cross-steps without falling off

03_marie surfing dancer

3. Meeting Aida, the best Moroccan surf chic ever! I have spend endless hours with this big-hearted girl and we had millions of awesome surf sessions together. Our highlight: 4 surf sessions in one day at different spots! I love this girl and her surfing style!


4. Living at Sunshine Surf Morocco with some beautiful people

Reda, Laura and Momo are the nicest and friendliest people you can imagine and I absolutely loved my stay at their camp!

13_ sunshine surf music

5. Working for Surf Berbere with view on Anchors.

10_surf berbere view morocco

6. Meeting my soul mate Chanti. I absolutely adore this girl!


7. Finally managing hang fives (sometimes) and hang tens (rarely)


8. Roadtripping. Morocco is simply beautiful and has so many breathtaking places! Hit the road!


9. Starting my first surf leggings line with up-cycled swimwear materials, DOTS Dancer of the Sea


10. Meeting Dounia, the most creative and artsy Moroccan girl around! She takes stunning analoge pictures and has now opened her own little shop in Taghazout: Talisman!


11. Spending three months with the ‘Gappies‘, a group of 13 people, who stayed at Surf Berbere surfcamp to do a surf instructor course. I loved them all!


12. The South. Oh my God! The South is simply beautiful and empty lineups will wait for you!


13. Finding the perfect board for me, my popsicle love

02_my world

14. Breaking my babe


15. Imsouane-Aweseomeness. You gotta love Imsouane, the perfect, long righthander!


16.My Car. It has been dusty. It got some little dings. BUT… it drove and drove and drove. With all our surfboards on top!


17. Surf Berbere Staff team. Absolutely amazing team!

17_team surf berbere

18. Morocco during Summer! Small and chilled waves and empty lineups. Works for me!


19. Goats in f**** trees


20. Taking time to rest!


21. Taking the sweet puppy ‘Taggy’ for a surf


22. Camping on a roof. My friend and I invited a new form of camping: rooftop camping. It’s cheap. It’s safe and you have a perfect view.


23. Sleeping in a boat, in Imsouane. Check it out here.



24. Meeting amazing people from Morocco and all over the world!


25. Camping and bonfire at the caves. Live the adventure!


26. Camels and Yoga… we just practiced yoga and then a camel stopped by and smiled.


27. The search for undiscovered surf spots


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