What’s your origin?
I was born in a small town called Weinheim near beautiful Heidelberg.

What is your life philosophy?
I am the designer of my own catastrophy.

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What are you collecting?
Moments which are not planned.

What keeps you going?
The time to live. There are so many things to experience in life.

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When you are a product, which one would you be?
Aaah crazy question. I did it at university and I said “I would be a watercolor box!”. All these nice colors describe my personality and my mind. I love water and they do too. They can tell some crazy and colorful stories. Stories which are always different and never the same.

What are you not suitable for?
Sexy dancing…

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What do you miss when you go traveling?
The one and only answer: my lovely family and friends. No feeling is better than to see their smile after a long time.

Do you lick or bite your ice cream?
Whaaat? I lick it.

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What’s your Instagram account?

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Hope you enjoy the blog! If you wanna say “hey” than do it and leave some crazy stuff. We like everything.