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MAKARA SWIMWEAR – simply, futuristic and surf-perfect

A couple of years ago I have been surfing In Canggu and I spotted Gerda in the water. She was surfing all by herself and you could see the joy on her face when she was joyfully sliding down a wave. We both cheered for each other and soon we ended up talking. She left the water again, leaving me the hint to check out her swimwear label “Makara“. As soon as I had internet again I typed in her name, just to find my probably most favorite swimwear brand of all times.

1. What is Makara?
Makara wear – is a little ocean monster- swimwear & clothing label. Started 4 years ago 2014 June. It’s a small bunch of tailors, creatives, marketing girl and Me :) Sold in Europe: Lithuania, London, Sweden and Asia: Bali, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. Soon in Australia. What sold? Swimwear for performance in the water for water sports, Elegant swimsuits and Japanese style Organic Cotton Clothing, like Kimonos, Sweatshirt and etc.

2. And who are you?

Gerda Mi from Lithuania, a small town with one of the most amazing old town called Kaunas. Sometimes I am lost between countries and languages, so I have invented my own language, my friend’s called that GERDISH.

3. What is the philosophy behind Makarawear?

Our bikinis are birthed under 3 founding principles – Relentless Strength, Comfort and Beauty. Every stitch is subjected to the most grueling conditions to ensure they stay on – So water women can have the confidence to perform at their peak athletic ability. Every suite provides prolonged comfort so that a mermaid can squander her hours in and out of the water. Each cut is made with an eye for accentuating a woman’s graceful lines and physique; so that every woman should look effortlessly irresistible – even under the most extreme sporting environments. Every piece is also naturally suited to anything active women can imagine. Makara wear wants to empower women strength, feminine power and confidence.

4. Can you tell me a bit about your new collection

New Makara wear collection is a combination between let’s say two stereotypes surf babe and city babe. Not necessarily every piece of new MAKARA WEAR SS18 collection concentrated on Surf babes, for Example like YUKO and KIKU bikinis ASAGOA bikinis are created more for chill longboard surfers or city ladies who likes holidays abroad. Many details in New collection as ribbons, power net intersections and a bit more sexy open cuts. As well, we releasing very soon exciting Collaboration with @Folklore Surf Brand, it’s 3 epic suites design for real epic water babes. Totally James Bond girl looks.

5. Do you surf? What’s your favorite surfboard & Surf trick?

Yes, surfing is my favorite sport, meditation and best friend:) I love the ocean, I could never imagine my life without water and water sports. I have a shortboard 6,2, which lets me catch some fast waves and do some little jumps, rollers and etc…. but now longboards stole my heart! Single fin 9.2 feet is my new buddy, learning a dance with him, little graceful steps forward and back, and I want to master it nose ride with a funky look on the face. Actually Folklore Surf Brand shaping for me new classy single fin board, that I am super excited so I can exercise my nose ride.

6. What do you like and can’t live without?

I love laughing and feeling loved. And do what I love. I can’t live without connection with other people and sharing. As well…Coffee …. serious problem:)

7. One secret tip in Bali that a lot of people don’t know about

Try Water Coconut, Learn a bit Bahasa it will change your quality of service and be careful with Bali ocean currents.

8. What would you always take on a trip?

At least 2 pairs of sunglasses, a hat and notebook. Toothbrush and credit card.

9. How does the future look like? 

Future is a climate change, future is more conscious wear and future multi-culture friendships and babies. AND NO PLASTIC!

10. Your best surfing moment?

Lombok, when I caught my first huge wave – 4m wall of water – and at that time I have been surfing just 3 months… I was just a beginner…. so I got so much adrenaline. To stay in these waves and pass them cost me to break a little bit of my tooth. But that 4m wave and that feeling when everything slows down and you gliding on the mountain of water- paid off.

Check out these rad Indonesian girls wearing Makara!

Instagram: @makarawear
Gerda on Instagram: @migerda

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