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Louise Maurisset – Living the dream in San Diego

This happy smiley face is living her dream in San Diego. She is such an inspiring soul and spread good vibes everywhere. Keep going girl, you rock!
Funny QA with Louise Maurisset.
1. Favourite quote or life philosophy?
Live today like you won’t be able to go back in the ocean tomorrow.
2. Why did you go to San Diego when you can have beautiful france?
I moved to San Diego to study. France is a beautiful country but I have always loved California and where I’m from surfing is not really an option. Also the weather in San Diego is so much better than in France haha.
3. Who are you most inspired by? Why?
Such a hard question haha! So many people inspire me. But if I have to pick one I would say Courtney Conlogue, she’s a badass surfer girl who isn’t afraid to show that women can be strong and rip.
4. Your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to travel to all my dream surf spots and skate spots.
5. What does the ocean mean to you?
It means everything! It’s where I find peace and realize how lucky I am to be alive.
6. Sunset or sunrise?
Sunset for sure! Nothing beats a sunset session!
1. Favourite surf spot?
My favorite surf spot is Freights Bay in Barbados.
2. Favourite skate move?
Walking up and down the nose.
3. It looks so easy when you skate down the road.. Can you give us one tip how to improve our skating?
It’s all about practice and keeping your balance. Longboards are easiert to learn on, just practice one hour a day and don’t forget to bend your knees for optimal balance. You’ll be a pro in no time.
4. Which skateboards do you skate the most?
My Fish from Hamboards. It’s like a mini surfboard haha.
5. Where will we find you in the lineup?
You can find me at Tourmaline in San Diego or Doheny.
1. How does your perfect bread looks like? (in details please)
My perfect bread is a French baguette. Not too crispy, not too soft, right in the middle where edges are still a little white.
2. Fart glitter or burp confetti?
Burp confetti for sure! I love beers so burping confettis after drinking a beer could be really fun lol.
3. Which superpowers you would like to have?
Fly! So I don’t have to pay for expensive flight tickets.
4. How many pringles you can eat at once?
I don’t like Pringles :( I’m lame.
1. What about Surflocos? Are you the owner or just ambassador?
Surf Locos is a clothing brand that I started a few months ago. I wanted to use my influence on Instagram in a positive way and it sickens me sometimes to see how people leave trash on the beach so I decided to create a clothing brand that would give money back to ocean charities.
2. Who is drawing all the cool prints?
My friends and I :)
3. Surflocos is against plastic! What do they do against plastic?
We donate a portion of our profit to a famous ocean charity called the Surfrider Foundation which works to protect beaches around the world. We are also hoping to organize beach clean ups around San Diego soon.
4. What can we do against plastic in the ocean?
Don’t leave your trash at the beach. If you see plastic or any kind of trash even if it isn’t yours, try to pick it up. Also try to limit your plastic usage, for example you can use reusable water bottles versus buying plastic water bottles. The smallest little things can help make a change :)
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