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The winter month December has arrived; the days are darken, the rain returns and the blues kick in. I always try to escape to sunny destinations during these winter months, to escape the cold of Europe and Christmas and New Years festivities. However this season will be a big change as I’m staying in the Netherlands. A white Christmas could be the perfect picture for this year though I will not deny to dream about making a snowman out of sand at sunset. However some people will be blessed for this year; many British, German and Dutch people travel to southern Europe and return to the north in spring: retired people in motorhomes, couples in caravans, surfers looking for waves and travellers in general regularly make the pilgrimage south. One of these people are Alexandra Gossink and Geert-Jan Middelkoop.


Alexandra and Geert are this warm loving Dutch couple and dedicated ocean-lovers who are based in Scheveningen. They have been travelling and living like this for many years. Mainly because of their jobs as freelancers. HE in logistics and SHE as an editor; blessed for combining their work with surfing.




Alexandra always had in her mind  to write a surf and travel guide to Southwest Europe. A special one to connect surfers and seaside lovers to the local communities, and all the stuff that’s happening around the surfspots. She and her man have seen so many places and met so many inspiring people that she felt the urge to do something with it. Geert got stoked by this idea and soon it  has transformed in a real plan and team: Alexandra as the writer/editor and reseacher, Dim Rooker as the designer, Geert who handled most of the distribution, sales and researche and Gail Bennie as the proofreader and some writings as well. And last but certainly not at least, where would be a good guide without the perfect images? Indeed with the other team members, two talented photographers: Melchior van Nigtevecht and Marinus Joris. They provided beautiful atmosphere photos and photos from their partners.





Thanks to a successful crowdfund campaign dreams came true for this team and ‘I love the Seaside’ was born; sharing their passion for surfing, travelling and creating!


‘I love the seaside’ is the surf and travel guide for surfers and people who love to be by the seaside; a guide to the best surfspots for all levels, information about the nicest accommodations and coolest places to eat, to drink and entertainment. And there is more; short stories about interesting local people, small brands and artists. Get inspired, go and explore. Santa is coming soon!  ;-)















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