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GIVEN – The Movie // REVIEW

“Be here now, discover and surrender”

GIVEN the movie is about the Goodwin Family, which is traveling around the world to discover new cultures and the beautiful mother nature. At the same time, the family is always on the search to find waves, which haven’t been surfed before. The whole adventure is seen and told by the 6year old son Given. The journey brings the family through the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, Ireland, Thailand, The States, Israel, Australia, Nepal, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Senegal and Fiji.

The Goodwins, Thailand

Given is chasing the ‘big fish’. His dad has been doing it and his granddad, as well. The story reminds us to pass on knowledge from one generation to the other before it gets lost. For producer Jess Bianchi “Given was more than passing knowledge from father to son as it was about searching for a new way to tell a story”.  A story through visual experiences of a child with a creativity without any limits.

Given and father Aamion in Ireland

Thumbs up! The movie is an inspirational and sweet story with stunning high-quality video material, which shows us the traditional highlights of different countries. Listening to Givens story and voice brings back childhood memories. It reminds us back to the days where we had no limits in thinking and explaining things to our parents and friends, for example, the dirty water looks like chocolate milk to Given.  If you expect a typical surf porn movie it’s not the case – it’s the charming and lovely story of Given and his family through the world.


“For me it has been one of the best surf movies ever” by Hanna, a visitor of the screening in Hamburg

“I went to Thailand a couple of times, but Given showed me the Country in a completely different way, what a good teacher” Marc, a visitor of the screening in Berlin

Wanna see the movie? Hell yeah!
Next screenings:

February 21 2017
Riga, Latvia

February 10, 2017
Stadtkino, Vienna

February 9, 2017
New York Private Screening

February 3, 4 2017
Santa Barbara International

February 3, 2017
Rio Filmpalast, Munich

February 2, 2017
Cinenova, Cologne

February 1-5, 2017
Festival Sayulita, Mexico

January 29, 2017
DocPoint Tallinn, Estonia

January 28, 2017
Kona Surf Festival 

Cast: Aamion, Daize, True and Given Goodwin

Director: Jess Bianchi

Genre: Documentation

Release: 2016

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