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Free Surf Maroc: Eat. Surf. Skate. Relax. Sing. Sleep. Repeat.

I just couldn’t believe it. I was driving in my rented car from Agadir Airport to the small surfer town Tamraght. I left it all behind. The freezing temperatures. The rain. My work. All the thick winter clothes… just for a little while… I was listening to Arabic vibes while driving through Morocco for the first time of my life. The sun was shining through the window and I felt unbelievable happy… Just 45 minutes and I would be in surfer’s paradise, in the village of Tamraght. It all felt too surreal to be true. But it was true after all. So, time to breath. To live. To surf. To eat and enjoy life.

SIMH_tamraght area
Arrival in Tamraght, and no, unfortunately not my rental car

SIMH_tamraght houses

When arriving at our surfcamp, at Free Surf Maroc in Tamraght, I was welcomed by the coolest dog of all times: Olga – probably the friendliest house keeper and my new buddy for the next few days.

SIMH_free surf amroc olga dog

As the atmosphere, the staff and our time at Free Surf Maroc was just wonderful, I would love to share our experience and hope you will soon drift away to music vibes of Tom Frager, surf nonstop and enjoy the delicious Moroccan cuisine. We stayed a couple of days at the camp and our perfect day looked like this:

Eat. Surf. Skate. Relax. Sing. Sleep. Repeat.

SIMH_free surf maroc entrance
The ‘free’ stands for being free and enjoying life.


Morocco is the country in which you won’t die of hunger. Eating, cooking and sharing food plays a big role here. Straight after my arrival I got an amazing lunch package consisting of a BIG sandwich, dates and fresh fruits. What I didn’t know is that this was expecting me every single day. HEAVEN.

Every morning at 8 a.m. we were welcomed with a traditional Moroccan breakfast, consisting of dates, jam, honey, really good bread (yes, the bread is amazing), yoghurt, cereal and fresh fruit – just perfect for a long day of sports and action.

SIMH_breakfast free surf maroc camp

SIMH_breakfast free surf maroc morocco

SIMH_breakfast free surf maroc

SIMH_yummy breakfast free surf maroc

Before heading to the beach or other little day trips we always got a big lunch package for the day for boosting our energy.


SIMH_lunch at free surf maroc

The food we loved most was Tajine. The traditional Berber dish was served most of the evenings, but every time in a different way with different vegetables, with fish or meat and many other ingredients. When you visit Morocco, you HAVE to try this dish – it’s so healthy and yummy.


Tajine is always prepared in these pots and when going on trips the surf camp often takes Tajine to the beach or other locations.

SIMH_tajine free surf

Once a week Free Surf Maroc also organizes a big BBQ with lots of fresh meat, salads and yummy appetizers on the rooftop.

SIMH_bbq free surf maroc

SIMH_free surf maroc BBQ
my favourite: toasted bread with a mixture of olives and garlic


Due to the fact that Tamraght is situated between Taghazout and Imouran (Banana Village), it has easy access to many great surf spots, such as Crocs, Devils Rock, Spiders, Banana Point, Panorama Beach, but also Anchor Point and Boilers can be easily accessed by car. The great thing about Morocco is that you’ll find waves for every level. Anchor Point and Boilers are considered to be top world surfing spots and I am honest: I preferred to just watch the guys at these two spots. My favorite places to surf were actually Banana Point, Devil’s Rock and Crocs. Unfortunately our time was moving way to fast and we couldn’t try out all the different spots (can we turn back time?).

The surf teachers Hucine and Hassan from Free Surf Maroc loaded our surfboards on top of the surfcamp van everyday and drove us to different spots in the area and made sure that we would not leave the water without a big grin on our face.

Crocs, named after the mountain, which looks like a crocodile
SIMH_Free surf amroc surfing
my friend Mariam

SIMH_surfing with Free surf maroc tom farger

And now it’s time for a little secret: If you are lucky enough the French singer Tom Frager (the nice blondie on the picture below), will be at the surfcamp and teach you how to ride the waves! Tom Frager has been a professional surfer and grew up in Guadeloupe. Later he moved to France to continue to surf and make music. But he also loves Morocco, that’s why he founded this surf camp with his manager Chris and friend Ahmed. And every now and then he visits the surfcamp to share his spirit for music and surfing. We didn’t know Tom Frager before coming to the camp, but his tunes soon became our most-listened-roadtrip-music. It seemed that we every single French person knew Tom Frager, who became famous with the song ‘Lady Melody’.

My friend Mariam and I met him in person and he is such an easygoing, friendly, cool and laid-back guy. He even joined our little video that we did in Morocco (watch it here).

SIMH_tom frager teaching
surfing with French singer Tom Frager 

On small days you also have the chance to try out SUP surfing, go skating, camel riding or visit the beautiful place ‘Paradise Valley’.

SIMH_paradise valley arthetiks
visit to paradise valley



Our first few days were quite flat. So instead of surfing in the water we improved our balance skills on longboards with Hucine and Hassan, sea view included. Spot: parking lot, close to Anza.

SIMH_skating free surf maroc morocco

SIMH_skating free surf maroc

Hassan and me practicing our hangten for the next longboard session on our surfboard. Get it on.


SIMH_tamraght morocco


When coming ‘home’ from an exhausting day we loved to enjoy the last sun rays from the rooftop. You can find many couches and cushions for a little nap or for sitting together with your friends to share the experiences of the day. Or sign up for some Yoga instead and meditate while the sun is dipping below the horizon.

SIMH_free surf chillout
Chillout area on the roof top
SIMH_free surf maroc olga
the dog Olga always has an eye on everyone
SIMH_free surf maroc sunset
beautiful sunsets from the roof terrace
SIMH_free surf maroc volcom paint
you’ll find these paintings on the wall, which have been painted by Tim Frager (Tom’s brother and artist for Volcom)
sunset yoga on the rooftop


Music plays a big role at Free Surf Maroc, due to the fact that it was founded by Ahmed, the French singer and surfer Tom Frager and his manager Chris, who all enjoy and love music. During our stay we ended every single day to the sounds of drums, the guitar and a lot of wonderful singing. And the coolest thing: everyone joined in and was part of the team, guests and staff, children and older people alike.

SIMH_free surf maroc music
music vibes at Free Surf Maroc

When Tom Frager is not touring around he often comes to the surf camp, gives surf lessons and makes everyone drift away while he is playing his guitar.

SIMH_Tom Frager
Tom Frager at his live concert on the roof terrace
SIMH_tom frager free surf maroc
Me, the three owners of the surfcamp: Chris, Ahmed, Tom Frager and my friend Mariam
simh_music free surf maroc
make sure to not miss out the beautiful voice of Aida, who is working at the camp and always has a big smile on her face

For your next roadtrip also make sure to listen to our favourite songs from Tom Frager:

1. No Guns

2. Pas de doute

3. Lady Melody

4. Planète bleue

5. Home

6. Give me that love



After a long day of action there is nothing better than a long and deep sleep. At Free Surf Maroc you have choice between the ‘low budget’ version, a dormitory, or really cosy rooms for you and your partner with your own bathroom. In total there is space for 24 people at the surfcamp, but they also have small flats outside of the camp. Children are more than welcome and will enjoy their stay without any doubt.



Let’s start again! Every day… and life is perfect. Thanks to Ahmed, Olivia, Tom, Chris, Aida, Hucine, Hassan and everyone else for the great vibe and the friendly atmosphere at the camp, for the skate and surf lessons, the delicious food, the evenings with music and BBQ and your help with everything! We’ll be back very soon.

SIMH_free surf maroc group

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