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Dutch coastline – Top #7 tips for a surfy weekend in Scheveningen

As I’m writing my new article for you now I am still stoked from last weekend; my dearest friend Marie was coming over from Hamburg to Amsterdam. We have met each other in Morocco where we both lived and worked at a surf camp and shared crazy adventures, waves and tagines. Now back to Europe, trying to make little roadtrips as much as possible. This time we hit the road to South Hollands popular place for surfing: Scheveningen.


Scheveningen is part of The Hague and surfing is one of the key sports for this municipality. It is the hometown of Dutch pro surfer Yannick de Jager so please don’t be surprised seeing ripping him or meeting other good local riders on the wave or on their bikes!

I truly love this place. It has a really nice laid back vibe with various surfer stores and schools and an artificial reef that ensures the most challenging waves at any moment of the day throughout the year.


Let’s check some of my favorite hotspots with you:

  1. Aloha Surf / School / Surfshop / Kitchen / Events

If  you are searching for a cool place to spent your whole day at the beach go to Aloha’s. Aloha Surf School is situated near the northern beach near the harbor and run by the warm, welcoming owners Daphne Oedekerk and Maurice Kolijn.



It is the perfect place to take surf lessons with great surf instructors or for the intermediate and advanced surfers easy to rent a quality surfboard and wetsuit for a good price. There is a separate female and male dressing room, free lockers and hot showers (!). After your surf session, you can choose a comfy place next to the fireplace and order homemade, good and affordable food.



Need to work a bit between your surf sessions? – No problem! They have free, fast Wifi.


Already stoked after your first surf lesson? Check their surf shop and get yourself a nice souvenir. :-)




  1. Surfhuis (Surfhouse in Dutch)

One of a surfers nightmare is loosing his/her LOVE. Every surfboard can break under different circumstances; where you riding, what you riding and how hard you riding. Luckily the Netherlands is blessed to have repair and shaper, Julian van Vliet (Yoshi) who combines his two passions: sustainability and making surfboards. simh-julian-surfhuis

If you can’t find him in the water he will be working in his Surflab. The Surflab is a sustainable surfboard factory where he and his talented team build their own machines to produce locally and make custom made surfboards. When the boards are finished you can have a glimpse at these amazing results @Surfhuis.

You can find his Surfhuis just around the corner of the beach. Feel at home, inform yourself by the local pro’s, drink a coffee and safe money to get a real custom made JY Surfboard!



  1. Meneer Chocola

No one knows exactly why we love chocolate yet my cravings are very real! ;-)

Every woman’s favorite bite can be created at Meneer Chocola (Mister Chocolate). Yes, it’s all possible at this beautiful place in de Keizerstraat: cakes, desserts, chocolate workshops, breakfast, lunch (they even make their own bread!) or coffee/tea with a yummie brownie. Ask for the owners Boris and Ted and they are delighted to tell you about their loves; pastry and surfing which is reflected in their whole interior. Stop by, have a look at their delicious pastry and taste. It will be hard to stop eating!





  1. De Snoeshaen

I’m not a big fan of nightclubs. I prefer intimate places where you can have a drink and chat with your friends, meet the local surfers by night and listen to live-music. The perfect new place to visit is De Snoeshaen which is also located in this famous street of Scheveningen. It is a quirky yet original bar and bistro gintoneria. Their drinks menu is great: over thirty types of gin, specialty beers and other fine beverages. Also, they created a nice space in the back for expositions. It has a nice vibe with a good mix of locals, surfers, artists and musicians. Enjoy!




  1. Jorplace Beachhostel Scheveningen

We have SURF, EAT and NIGHTLIFE so get ready to SLEEP. Where else can a traveller, surfer and digital nomad stay better than a place like Jorplace. It’s the best and coolest place of this town and with their friendly Jorcrew and international and like-minded guests you will feel at home so easily. Check their rooms and book your stay. You will stay forever!





  1. DREAMS and TrashUre Hunt

Dreams is a big group of friends who love to play, skateboard, surf and create!

One of these dreamers and above all doer is Ralph Groenheijde. We have known each other for some years now and I am truly proud of him. His latest successful project is TrashUre Hunt which he started three years ago. He collected his trash during his walk on the beach and started to build a ship of it. Some local kids started to play with it and that’s how TrashUre Hunt was born: “We  are the TrashUre Hunters and all that does not belong in nature are our treasures.”




From all these “treasures” he and his team create pieces of art: plastic castles, exotic rope animals, car tracks, fishnet dresses, abandoned toys and much more. Some of these collector items you find them in the TrashUre Hunt museum at the Boulevard of Scheveningen. For more information about his adventures, workshops or donation please contact:



  1. Het Haringhuisje (the Herringhouse)

The Dutch are not particularly known for their culinary delights but this raw, oily, smelly silvery little fish is a one delicacy. Every visitor to the Netherlands and especially to Scheveningen must try Dutch herring. For those of you who are brave enough to give it a try, it’s important to know that the very act of eating herring is an art form in itself!



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