I am Chanti Mai
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What’s your Instagram?

What’s your origin?
My looks are Indonesian, my mind is western and my heart is HUMAN. So choose which one you like most!  ;-)

What is your life philosophy?
“The most beautiful things in the world must be felt with the heart.” ~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. One of my favorite books.IMG_2482

Where do you live now and why?
After traveling and two years of living in Morocco, I am back in Amsterdam for now. I truly do miss the ocean and sunny weather, though this city has a special place in my heart. This village-like charm is combined with the cosmopolitan vibe and cultural life of a European capital. It’s vibrant and dynamic as always.

What was the most inspiring place of Earth that you have seen?
I truly love India and one of my favorite places is Hampi. This village is a temple town in Karnataka and is one of the most historically rich places. The hauntingly beautiful ruins spread out over an area of nearly 10 square miles, like an offbeat amusement park paying homage to antiquities and the ghosts of empires past.

With who would you love to travel the world?
With all my beloved ones I have met during my journeys. But above all with my best partner-in-crime, Marie. She became one of my best friends and our amazing friendship is just a beginning of a new journey: travel, surf, yoga, photography and art. Can’t wait for a next adventure with her!chanti and mary 02

What are you collecting?
Memories and homemade gifts. These are the best as they are truly personalized and made with love.12047561_10207927034921837_771922670_n

What is your most frequently used phrase?
“Just give yourself a little massage….” At the end of each of my yoga classes I always ask my students to lay down on their back and bringing their knees to their chest and make little circles to give the lower back this massage. With this phrase I truly became famous in Morocco! ;-)

Which yoga session was the best?
There is no less and no better. However, I will always remember this big group of beautiful souls from South Africa, UK and New Zealand. Full dedication in a playful way. Sunset yoga with the ocean sound. It was truly magical.11038864_737841573028311_7288270049890523074_n

What is your dream?
Being a mermaid15822561_10154227124918061_2398084700492018072_n (1)