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I feel the heat; unleashed energy and chaos. Here in the Netherlands I see it being represented in this extremely hot weather and in shocking events such as the extreme wildfires that take place all over the world. For the high-sensitive people amongst us, we may already feel that there is even more extreme weather

CORNWALL – a little Surf Tale with MOOANA & SANTŌCEA

A hidden gem for most of us. Some may remember those cliche-ridden stories of Rosamunde Pilcher (if not, don’t worry!!!) but among surfers it remains the more secret place of often perfectly peeling waves, crystal clear turquoise (and yeah, sometimes grey) water and golden beaches along the most beautiful coastline of Cornwall, at the south-west


Time flies! Only last month, I was in the warm climate of Morocco and now I am shivering underneath multiple layers of clothing back in the Netherlands. Morocco is my second, no third, home base. I lived there for over two years. It was intense and I’ve seen and learned a lot. Now, I keep
Surf Yoga SUP Yoga Sylt

Surf Yoga. Nordish Yoga. Sylt Surf.

Verbinde Surf und Yoga am nördlichsten Surfspot Deutschlands auf Sylt. Erfahre warum Surf und Yoga so gut zusammen passen. Man liest es überall, aber warum genau sollte man eigentlich Surfen mit Yoga kombinieren? Was sind die Vorteile für uns yogierenden Surfer? Yoga ist doch nur so ein bisschen dehnen und entspannen, was für gestresste Leute,
Sylt early bird Surf

Moin Moin Sunrise Lover.

Moin Moin Sunrise Lover. Der schnelle nordisch Sylter Early Bird. Welle ist, was du draus machst. Tagelang reden alle von DEM Swell. Schlaflose Nächte, stündlich klingelt der Wecker. Die ganze Nacht werden die Webcams gecheckt. Weit und breit keine Welle zu sehen. Das kann doch nun nicht Wellengotts ernst sein? Uns doch egal, denn wo