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CORNWALL – a little Surf Tale with MOOANA & SANTŌCEA

A hidden gem for most of us. Some may remember those cliche-ridden stories of Rosamunde Pilcher (if not, don’t worry!!!) but among surfers it remains the more secret place of often perfectly peeling waves, crystal clear turquoise (and yeah, sometimes grey) water and golden beaches along the most beautiful coastline of Cornwall, at the south-west
Batu Bambu von oben

Batu Bambu – 16 Gründe warum unser zweites zu Hause auf Lombok ist

„BE CAREFUL TRAVELING TO LOMBOK – YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE AGAIN“ – Batu Bambu WOW – Elisa hat es gemacht. Sie hat ihren Traum von einem Gästehaus auf Lombok verwirklicht und lebt nun ihr Leben auf der wunderschönen Insel in Indonesien. Die 27-jährige Deutsche hat ihr Leben in Deutschland


Our two members Maxi and Marie, call themselves sisters, because they just belong together and they are planning a mission to contribute to our planet. Clumsy, funny, adventurous and spontaneous  – these two girls know how to entertain themselves (and others) and they wanted to address the topic PLASTIC in a funny, but educating way.


Time flies! Only last month, I was in the warm climate of Morocco and now I am shivering underneath multiple layers of clothing back in the Netherlands. Morocco is my second, no third, home base. I lived there for over two years. It was intense and I’ve seen and learned a lot. Now, I keep

Timboektoe a beach paradise by the North Sea

Today I want to introduce you to a very special place, a place where I have spent hundred of hours already, watching the waves, feeling the salt on my lips, getting inspired and meeting surf-addicted people, who became my friends. I am talking about this wonderful beach pavilion Timboektoe. For many years, Timboektoe has had a solid