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The Naked Truth

It is Saturday night on December the 30th of 2018. While young people will make the Amsterdam nightlife unsafe I’ll sit in bed with my laptop on my lab. I am safe home here in my room at floor 4. My candles are burning, a Tibetan incense is on and music from Philip Glass is


I feel the heat; unleashed energy and chaos. Here in the Netherlands I see it being represented in this extremely hot weather and in shocking events such as the extreme wildfires that take place all over the world. For the high-sensitive people amongst us, we may already feel that there is even more extreme weather

CORNWALL – a little Surf Tale with MOOANA & SANTŌCEA

A hidden gem for most of us. Some may remember those cliche-ridden stories of Rosamunde Pilcher (if not, don’t worry!!!) but among surfers it remains the more secret place of often perfectly peeling waves, crystal clear turquoise (and yeah, sometimes grey) water and golden beaches along the most beautiful coastline of Cornwall, at the south-west

First skateboarding attempts and overcoming fears: MOUNTHAWKE SKATEPARK and CIARAN RYDER

My first association with skateboarding – honestly – is pain. For many among my circle of friends including surfers, sport enthusiasts and adventurers, skateboarding is fully admired but also greatly respected considering the required dedication, patience and pain threshold. So once I heard we were heading off to visit Mounthawke Skatepark during a visit in

Wooden Surfboards – Save our Planet

“I wanted to change something and offer an alternative to conventional surfboards.  People should have a choice.”. Stefan’s passion for wooden boards came in 2005. He did an internship in Ecuador at a cocoa plantation. He really wanted to surf but he couldn’t find an affordable surfboard, not even as used board – as regular board