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Wooden Surfboards – Save our Planet

“I wanted to change something and offer an alternative to conventional surfboards.  People should have a choice.”. Stefan’s passion for wooden boards came in 2005. He did an internship in Ecuador at a cocoa plantation. He really wanted to surf but he couldn’t find an affordable surfboard, not even as used board – as regular board


This is Eve Isambourg – a good soul, a voice for the ocean, a surfer, and the #iSpeakBlueToo founder! She is officially launching the #ispeakbluetoo campaign @ispeakbluetoo, supported by the @ioc_unesco and @unesco, dozens of NGOs and other organizations, and BY ALL OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! In our following interview, we want to present you
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The ocean is our happy place. Our source of inspiration. Our place to unwind. Our home. It has become one of the most important things in our lives and we started to plan our whole life around it. Yet, we started to have the feeling that there is so much more we need to know


Our two members Maxi and Marie, call themselves sisters, because they just belong together and they are planning a mission to contribute to our planet. Clumsy, funny, adventurous and spontaneous  – these two girls know how to entertain themselves (and others) and they wanted to address the topic PLASTIC in a funny, but educating way.