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The Naked Truth

It is Saturday night on December the 30th of 2018. While young people will make the Amsterdam nightlife unsafe I’ll sit in bed with my laptop on my lab. I am safe home here in my room at floor 4. My candles are burning, a Tibetan incense is on and music from Philip Glass is


I feel the heat; unleashed energy and chaos. Here in the Netherlands I see it being represented in this extremely hot weather and in shocking events such as the extreme wildfires that take place all over the world. For the high-sensitive people amongst us, we may already feel that there is even more extreme weather
Batu Bambu von oben

Batu Bambu – 16 Gründe warum unser zweites zu Hause auf Lombok ist

„BE CAREFUL TRAVELING TO LOMBOK – YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE AGAIN“ – Batu Bambu WOW – Elisa hat es gemacht. Sie hat ihren Traum von einem Gästehaus auf Lombok verwirklicht und lebt nun ihr Leben auf der wunderschönen Insel in Indonesien. Die 27-jährige Deutsche hat ihr Leben in Deutschland


Here I am, hiding behind my laptop, staring out the window now and then. By Dutch standards, it’s a beautiful day: the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Now and again, some small clouds drift by and I think of all the little animals that are being born on farms all over the country.
banana tree (1)

The ART of healing

Time flies when you draw. It all happened during my stay at the hospital when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. To keep and feel myself literally alive I decided to start again with a secret love of mine: A R T .   After discharged from hospital I had no inspiration anymore and all