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Bye bye Polar Bears – The ice is melting

Alaska. Largest State in the United States of America. 739.795 inhabitants of the total area of 1.717.854 km2. Land of the Midnight Sun State, the Great Land. The Land of crystal-clear lakes, massive glaciers, the world’s largest mountains, the world’s highest tides, the world’s largest mountains, the world’s largest population of Grizzly Bears and last
Batu Bambu von oben

Batu Bambu – 16 Gründe warum unser zweites zu Hause auf Lombok ist

„BE CAREFUL TRAVELING TO LOMBOK – YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER WANT TO LEAVE AGAIN“ – Batu Bambu WOW – Elisa hat es gemacht. Sie hat ihren Traum von einem Gästehaus auf Lombok verwirklicht und lebt nun ihr Leben auf der wunderschönen Insel in Indonesien. Die 27-jährige Deutsche hat ihr Leben in Deutschland


It’s three o’clock in the morning and I’m wide awake, lying in my bed. I feel restless, so I try to relax with some candles and incense. Then I glance out of my window and see the sky is illuminated: it’s nearly full moon. Ah, that explains a lot, I think to myself. When I

September 2018 – Surf & Yoga Retreat Morocco – Off the beaten track adventure

Coming together, sharing waves, getting to know a new culture, eating local cuisine – all this is what matters to us. For our next retreat, we want to show you one really special place, a beautiful and unexplored part of Morocco – Mirleft & Sidi Ifni. Even though Mirleft has a lot of great surfing spots

Win 2 tickets for the Cine Mar – Movie Night

Your wanderlust is bigger than the stomach of Rick Ross? You’re stuck in Germany or in a waveless spot? Broke your leg or snapped your board? No worries my friend, we will help you to get out of this situation. Just join the ultimative surf movie event called Cine Mar – Movie Night – Easy