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Book Review – Going Over the Falls

Going Over the Falls – Review 

A novel published by Amy Waeschle, 2017


The plot in a few words

Surfer and Seattle E.R. doctor Lorna Jacobs has to change her plans for life after a trip to Fiji. She is pulled into a dangerous journey to find her estranged mother, who is dying from a mysterious illness but is still in thoughts to her crush on Fiji, surfer, singer and songwriter Joe. After sleepless nights and a lot of difficulties she is able to find her mother deep in Mexico. Her mother is more concerned with rekindling their mutual love of surfing than preparing for her last days. The secret big wave she plans to share with Lorna could bond them forever, or destroy them. Is it to late for a reunion with her mother or can they finally make peace?

Here a few lines from Waeschle’s precious :

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It’s bloody worth it my friend!

Amy Waeschle published an epic book sensation which let you feel the salt in your hair, the goosebumps you get after a perfect take off and describes the feeling of surfing perfectly. It’s insane how true every single description is! Waeschle’s story has more than one climax, after reading the first few pages you get obsessed with this novel. It’s easy to get a connection to different characters in the story or how they traveled and spend their times in the water. I really liked her style of writing and had always a little „cinema in my head“ while I was reading this book. My wanderlust is as big as it can get. So don’t waste your time with playing candy crush or checking your overloaded email account, buy this book, read this book, get obsessed and love it.

Stay salty my lovely savages and expand your horizons while reading this story.


Amazing Amy

Amy Waeschle is an author, professional editor, and wilderness medicine instructor for the Wilderness Medicine Institute. She is the author of Going Over the Falls, and Chasing Waves, A Surfer’s Tale of Obsessive Wandering. Her stories have appeared in publications such as The Seattle Times, Sierra, and International Living. Amy likes to surf, run mountain trails, travel, and spend time with her family. She and her husband live in Poulsbo, Washington with their two daughters. Contact her here!

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