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I feel the heat; unleashed energy and chaos. Here in the Netherlands I see it being represented in this extremely hot weather and in shocking events such as the extreme wildfires that take place all over the world. For the high-sensitive people amongst us, we may already feel that there is even more extreme weather on the way. Whether that is tornadoes or even more heat and drought. The sun burns a hole in the sky as if the devil is on his heels. Should I start worrying now?

No, this is fire energy at its best. The fire as the energy of the dragon. And just like the dragon, the fire of the full moon of July the 27th challenges us to reclaim our own strength and to be our male – in my case, a female. Saint George did not defeat the dragon by ignoring him or running away from him with fear. To face and tame the dragon to prevent destruction by fire, it demands from us all the power, passion and experience that we possess and which we may have considered self-evident to be consciously acknowledged and integrate into our system. Because fire also seeks spiritual growth. It is looking for a way to personal enlightenment. Watch this special total lunar eclipse and blood red moon tonight. Are you ready to feel and use your inner fire?

Love Chanti

Photo Credits: Mourad Ben Addy Photography


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