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A Trip To South Portugal

First of all, welcome to the best country in the world!
Yep yep you’re right, I am talking about Portugal. Bom Dia, Tudo bem? This country is known for pasteis de nata, openminded people and waves – actually the biggest waves of the world. Besides those facts – There is a sweet surflodge in the South of this land, more precisely in Raposeira, Sagres. If you need a chilled place with nice people, adventures and much fun – you shouldn’t miss that out! Moreover there are a lot more things to do. Check out my following TO DO LIST with a visual implementation:

Let’s go to the beach each let’s go get away!
There are many different surfspots around but here are two places you should give it a try
1. South swell: Mareta – Nice surrounding/beach and pretty good waves hey
2. West swell: Amado – For every level suitable <3

You’re hungry? Fuck yeah! There are two recommandations you definitely need to go for:
1. The Hangout: This place is loved for their mad smoothies and ridiculous delicious sandwiches/quiches

2. Carlos: Its impossible to leave this restaurant without having a food baby. You need to order a dish with different baked fishes. But remember following words: You will never find a different place where you can eat fish that good, so a super food porn is guaranteed

I say disco you say party
Vinho verde, super bock and sangria are basic foodstuff here in Portugal. That’s why you should start your day right with some healthy drinks and end up in Pau de Pita for showing your sick dancing moves. The music is mixed but super fun!! The hangout has a little live music session every Wednesday, so sweet and chilled. 

Keen for a roadtrip? Lagos is always a good decision  
There are no waves around Sagres or the Westcoast? Then catch a bus or take a 20 minutes ride to Lagos. It’s a really nice town with some shops at the beach and good restaurants. Don’t forget to go to Red Eye Bar to play a bit of pool and dart.

A pool, a bar and cosy beds – all in one? Visit Pure Surflodge Algarve
I’ll call this place my new home for the next few months. There is always a spare bed (18 beds in general), good tunes at the bar and lovely people who share the same passion. Come and collect unforgettable moments with me and my Pure Surfcamp Crew!

Stay salty my lovely mermaids and mermen – catch ya later yeeeeew



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